Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sydney escorts: top 10 facts about escorts and escort services

We are Sydney escorts – welcome to our first post on our new blog! We hope you enjoy reading it and ultimately checking out our website. For our first post we plan to do a top 10 list about facts related to escorts and escort services.  So without further ado, let's get started:
Escort services in Sydney, NSW

  1. There are a number of codewords related to the services each escort provides. For instance DFK stands for deep French kissing, and CG stands for cowgirl… There are a number of other, more racy, terms that you can read about here
  2. Escort services aren't just for men… We have some beautiful women that like women too, and others who are even willing to get down with more than one person at a time.
  3. All of our girls know how to bring you right up to the peak of pleasure and let you hang there for as long as possible...it isn't a wham, bam, thank you ma'am...unless that's what you're into. ;-)
  4. All escorts are not the same. Some girls are more rock 'n roll, others are more classical. Or, put another way, certain escorts are willing to participate with couples, members of both sexes, and a variety of sexual practices, while others are best for companionship, intimacy, and discretion. All of the ladies that work for Sydney Escorts, reflect these different client preferences.
  5. All of the girls on our website are real. Unfortunately some escort agencies use fake profiles, or copy them from other websites. Sadly, this presents a terrible problem for clients, the schedule a session with an escort and once they get there find out that it is a totally different person! There no worries with our services– – because what you see is what you get! and trust us, you will get a lot.
  6. Escort services aren't just about sex. Many clients simply love the companionship of a beautiful woman who will actually listen to them, make them look good in public, and ensure the client has a great time… Of course there is always the sexual component that takes place, but an escort is much more sophisticated then some random person you would find on craigslist or on a street corner. Our girls have both personality and sexuality.
  7. Your information, activity, and all things pertaining to who you are and what you do with our services, are absolutely confidential. we want to allow our clients total anonymity so that they can simply focus on having the greatest time of their life with one ( or more!) of our girls.
  8. We have girls from many different backgrounds, so our clients can sample many different types of women to find out what they like. this is good if you're the kind of man with a short attention span, or a certain fetish that you need to fill every once in a while…there's a girl for that.
  9. Escort services are 100% legal in NSW, unlike other parts of the world. We would like to think that's we are the best of all the escort agencies in Sydney, because we care about the girls who work for us, we ensure their safety while keeping the client's interests at heart. We would like to think that it is a win-win situation having a clean escort service where everything is above board; that way everybody involved has a good time.
  10. Last, but not least: Our girls love sex too...it isn't about the money!
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