Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mature escorts legal in Sydney

Escort services in Sydney are quite popular, and legal, as well. This second point is something that visitors to Sydney might not be aware of, but adult escort services benefit from a liberal legal structure in NSW regarding prostitution, where the practice was decriminalized over 30 years ago. Brothels always had a place in Sydney, with records stretching back nearly 200 years. A port city, Sydney was a popular place for seafarers to stop and seek companionship during their long voyages on the open waters.

Today, things have changed a great deal since those early times. Escort services are not allowed to have a premises to be used for sexual activity, but act as a liaison between the women they represent and the client. Once both parties enter an agreement for intimate companionship, they first meet at an agreed-upon location, like a hotel, restaurant, or pub and then decide how to proceed with their time together. This degree of independence allows the escort service to circumvent any illegality, and act within the boundaries provided by the laws of NSW regarding prostitution.


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